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Ecclesiastical Organization

Our denomination is organized by a four-level hierarchical structure, which grants powers and responsibilities to representatives and officers. Five entities define the structure of the Church, from the individual believer to the global organization.

1. The local Church, made up of each believer.

2. The Association or Mission, composed of several churches in a territory that may cover a country, state or part of such.

3. The Union, composed of multiple Associations and Missions within a larger field.

4. The General Conference, the largest unit of the organization, composed of the entire Adventist world. It is represented in the different global territories through the Division (13).

There are 127 Seventh-day Adventist churches that make up the Eastern Puerto Rican Conference, which is one of the four associations that make up the Puerto Rican Union, which is part of the Inter-American Division, which is one of the thirteen Divisions and two special territories that make up the General Conference Seventh-day Adventists.
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